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COOL – A Culture

COOL” is a rather symbolic word for Japan. “Cool Japan” was a strategy developed to make Japanese culture trendy and to cultivate its soft power. It had effectively helped Japan to re-establish its position, presence and influence worldwide.

Cool Japan”, similar to “Korean wave”, singlehandedly created unique slangs, branding and marketed this “Cool” culture to the rest of the world and successfully influenced the tourism economy of the 21st century.

TOOL – A Philosophy

TOOL” was inspired by a combination “Cool Japan” and the superior quality derived from the unrelenting persistence of Japanese craftsmanship.

Even as today’s technological advancements brings unprecedented accessibility, “TOOL” reminds us to stay true to high quality and taste.

We are…


The constant progression of technology has created endless opportunities! Apple Vacations has always been at the forefront of the industry, striving for excellence and staying true to our core belief of “Ometenashi”. We deeply love our travel buddies and seeing the world, but we are also excited to adapt and embrace the changing times.

As such, Apple Vacations would like to embrace the refined quality of “TOOL” into our life, our thinking, and our civilisation.

We would like to say that…
In TOOL APPLE, we hope to share the excitement and joy in life with you through conversations, through feasting, through observations and through our senses.

We look forward to experience more with you and to explore the unknown of travels and life together!

Covid-19 pandemic was and still is a severe blow to many industries. This seemingly perpetual crisis and its unpredictable long-term negative impacts are worrisome, even more so for tourism and its related industries.

Yet, in Apple Vacations, we often see crisis as a turning point. In order to survive this Covid-induced hibernation period for tourism, Applenians have worked together tirelessly and used this as an opportunity to diversify our operations.

As a result, our “Tool Apple” series is born. This series features a range of new business ventures that offer various products and services while staying true to our core belief – “Omotenashi”. Tool Apple Marketo, an e-commerce platform that focuses on bringing you premium, imported products that would spark joy and satisfy your wanderlust; Tool Apple Ticketo, our value-added ticketing service is ready to provide professional guidance and up-to-date information of the ever-changing international travel regulations; Tool Apple Maruichi steps foot within and outside of the Tourism framework; and last but not least, Tool Apple Supporto is our take on being a socially responsible company, with the ultimate goal of providing mutual assistance and support.

Tool Apple Marketo

Marketo aims to instil the sense and warmth of travelling right to your doorsteps during these difficult times. Not only does it bring high-quality lifestyle products to our travel buddies, it also helped to build a more solid and warm relationship with our customers.

On top of attentiveness, quality products, strict quality control and delivery services, Marketo is all about delivering “warmth”. Our smiles might be masked by the masks, but a simple hand wave and a friendly greeting is all we need to convey our sincerity.
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Tool Apple Supporto

"Mutual support" is the main operational philosophy of Supporto. By incorporating MICE division’s knack of customisation and a goal of supporting others, Supporto aims to provide more than just personalized products. The driving forces behind Supporto are: Go green and protect the environment; Support local and made in Malaysia products; Support the more vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of the society such as Orang Asli, the differently-abled and the unemployed; And of course, support each other during this challenging time.

In other words, every deal made has a meaning and is a pair of helping hand to one or even all of the above causes. Your support will provide a moment of respite and perhaps even betterment for someone’s life, and for our Mother Earth.
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Tool Apple Maruichi

The only way to stay ahead of the trend is to understand the market. Maruichi has a keen sense on its surroundings, be it of people or of things, and is always on a look out for market insights; What you overlooked could possibly be the next “it thing”.

Therefore, Maruichi’s service is not only for within, but also for beyond the travel framework – from marketing to branding; From being an advertising media to business collaboration; From domestic to global travel collaboration. You name it and we do it.
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Tool Apple Ticketo

There is a wide range of services when it comes to Ticketo, but air tickets have always been our main axis. Ticketo aims to provide value-added ticketing service by working closely with Airlines to provide the most up-to-date ticketing information and services to customers, especially during this uncertain time with ever-changing international travel regulations.

Ticketo also focuses on strategizing for when borders reopen. Discussing future cooperation with Airlines; Exploring exclusive hotel and travel insurance packages; Maintaining contact with existing customers; Recruiting potential new customers; And improving ticket marketing are the overall general direction for moving forward.
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